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The day they were born completely changed our lives, our house and our priorities.
It is then that mommy got an idea and that daddy forged ahead to create it.
This is how Papa Design was born !!!!
Alex, the dad, journeyed an untraditional course of life. As a mechanical engineer technician, Alex first
became manager in a sports store. He later became co-owner of small business, managing 2 employees.
Later, he translates back to his origin of studies where he becomes buyer for a fabrication company.
It is then that mommy got the idea to convert a child’s chair into a high-chair.
Alex then spends almost one whole year researching and building prototypes, before finally completing
the final version of My lil’ Chair.
Alex had found the perfect recipe for a high quality chair, made by hand in Canada and tested in real life by real children and real parents.

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